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Charity Event at Local Habit featuring free sour beer – May 23

Posted by Jeff Crane On May - 22 - 2013Comments Off
I wanted to invite my follow CHUG members to an event in which I donated beer that is going on tomorrow night at Local Habit. I created a cuvee for the event by blending together a 2 yr old Oud Bruin with a 14% Imperial Stout. The end product has a tart cherry aroma with rich dark fruit flavors and a balanced sweet-sour finish. (Similar to my 1st place NHC beer). I’ll be there all night so please come by and say hi. See below for details.
Cask for a Cause
Local Habit
  • Join the SoCal Chapter of Hope Through Health for “Cask for a Cause,” an evening of community and craft beer to benefit HIV/AIDS initiatives in Togo, West Africa. Philanthropic partner and popular farm-to-table restaurant Local Habit is hosting HTH on this special night, with all proceeds from the cask, raffle and 10% of restaurant sales going directly toward underserved communities living with HIV/AIDS abroad.This fine evening will feature a special donation sour beer on cask, live music from bluegrass band Songs for People, and raffle prizes which feature rare beers and other fantastic goodies!

    $10 suggested donation

    Check out Songs for People, rockin’ SD on the

    Learn more about Hope Through Health here:


RSVP on facebook (if you do that type of thing) –

Time for another meeting!

Posted by gremlyn1 On April - 13 - 20135 COMMENTS

According to our VERY established precedent of having meeting on the last Saturday of the even months, we are due to have a meeting on April 27th! The question is: where shall we have it? Make suggestions in the comments if you have a burning desire to go somewhere specific, though I hear the patio of Tiger! Tiger! last time was pretty good.

Is this thing on?

Posted by carnevoodoo On February - 8 - 201316 COMMENTS

Hey all. It has been a while, and I thought that we should really try to get together sometime soon. I’m thinking that March 2nd or 3rd might be a good time to do something? What do you all think?

I’ve been busy, but I miss you jerks. Let’s be a club some more!

CHUG Meeting October 27th!

Posted by gremlyn1 On October - 17 - 20127 COMMENTS

Hey all, it’s that time again! Time to celebrate October with CHUG :D Same place, same time? (Monkey Paw, 1pm) Or does someone want to suggest a different location this time around?

CHUG Meeting Recap – August 25th, 2012

Posted by gremlyn1 On August - 27 - 20124 COMMENTS

Thanks to all that came out to the CHUG meeting on August 25th, it was great to see everyone. A special thanks to Old Mission Brewing/Ensenada Brewing Company for bringing us your vast array of beer to try! Another thanks to craftbeertasters for coming out to document the meeting between CHUG and EBC as well.

For those that missed out… well too bad for you! Hopefully you can make it to the next meeting on October 27th! There was talk about an odd-month meeting for various activities, such a Oktoberfest (if we don’t want to wait until the end of October for our official meeting to celebrate it), as well as a meeting for any brewers interested in getting CHUG more active in home brew competitions and/or a collaborative brewing session to fill a barrel with some ultimately funky goodness.

NOTE: CHUG being involved in brewing competitions, whether as a club or individuals representing CHUG, in no way requires all members to participate, or even care that it is happening.

I think I remember someone saying the last Saturday of every even month. June came and went, so lets shoot for August 25th? I’d like to suggest that if you want , bring two bottles of  a beer you want critiqued and we can set up a blind tasting pannel and review your beer.If no place wants to house us, we can do it at my house. but my tap selection will be limited.

Saturday Aug 25th, 1pm at Monkey paw…

For lack of creativity, how about we try to meet up at the paw for this next meeting. First Item on the agenda should be setting up a meeting schedule and locations.

I’ll be bringing a few bottles out of my barrel experiment, please feel free to critique it or just enjoy it, but input positive a negative will be greatly appreciated.

Derek edit:
You guys are welcome to bring bottles of homebrew to the bar. It is totally cool. It would be nice if you could tip the bartender if you are using our glasses, because that’s just polite. I’ll be there all day brewing, so I’ll be there!

San Diego Fair International Beer Fest

Posted by Emyrs On June - 14 - 20122 COMMENTS

Anyone planning on hitting up the Intl Beer Fest?
It’s taking place on the 22nd – 24th (Fri-Sun)

I work Fridays and Sundays, so Saturday is really my only choice.
It’s 35$, does not include admission, and there are 2 times on Saturday, I’m down for either..

Let me know!

House warming party next Saturday

Posted by ashton On June - 10 - 2012Comments Off

Hey everyone! Beth and I are having our official house warming party next Saturday June 16th and we’d love for any and all of you to come! You are under no obligation to bring anything, we’re going to have a bunch of BBQ and probably a few kegs from green flash/various bottles of beer for all to enjoy! Our address is 2802 polk ave. San Diego 92104. We’re kicking off the festivities at 1pm. Bocce ball is almost definitely going to happen. Possibly bad Minton as well.

No RSVP, just come.  804 397 5160 is you have any questions!

5 gallon Ball Lock Kegs 37.25 each Group buy

Posted by Bsquared On June - 7 - 2012Comments Off

Hey guys, and a similar note to Grem’s post. I have been brewing a lot more and have started to run low on kegs. I contacted a guy in florida that sells ball lock kegs on ebay. He will ship a pallet of 20 kegs to San Diego for $745. That breaks down to 37.25 each if we get 20. I know I want 5 or more, but if we can get a couple pallets shipped out here I’m sure the price will come down further. These kegs will probably need a good cleaning and and new gaskets, but are shipped holding pressure. I can have the kegs shipped to my work where we have a loading dock, so we can get a good freight rate.

If you are interested shoot me an email bboydz at gmail.

Ever wanted a 2.5 gal Ball Lock Keg?

Posted by gremlyn1 On June - 5 - 2012Comments Off

UPDATE: I’m planning to order mine tomorrow, if you want to combine on shipping, let me know ASAP!

I know I have! I was alerted to a pretty great sounding deal through one of the online homebrew suppliers: brand new 2.5 gal Ball Lock kegs for $79 each. Here is the link to the product posting. I’m planning to purchase one or two myself already, and figured I would see if anyone else had any interest and if so, see if we can order them all together to save one some shipping costs. I have emailed them asking how long the $79 price will be available, and what kind of shipping discount we might be able to get if we all combine shipping to one location.

If you are interested, post up in the comments. If we can do a combined buy, I’ll collect money via PayPal prior to purchasing.

Shipping Info: I received a message back, and they can fit up to six in a box, which would ship here for about $35. Shipping for one keg alone is about $13; it looks like they add on $5-ish per extra keg for shipping.